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"I wanted to share with everyone the experience I had with Barb Milton. I am very excited to see that she has started her own business with the services she has provided to so many people in their time of grieving."

"I was 30 years old with two young children when my fiance passed away very unexpectedly. If you can imagine, I had minimal dealings with death in my 30 yrs so I had no idea where to start. I met Barb through a close friend of mine and was told that she would help me through everything and make sure that all the details were covered. I honestly cannot remember much of the conversations I had with Barb because I think I was in a state of shock after my fiances death. But regardless of the limited help I could offer, Barb was able to see exactly how the service should be and conveyed all of my thoughts and feelings through every part of the memorial. My fiance was cremated and Barb went as far as to see that some of his ashes were placed in a necklace for my daughters so that they would always have a piece of him. This is the kind of compassion and feeling that goes into her work. I cannot imagine how things would have turned out if she would not have been beside me throughout the process."

"I cannot say enough about Barb's ability to handle such a sensitive thing as the death of a loved one. She is amazing and I know that being able to provide these services is truly more than just a "job" for her. She has been given a gift and anyone that would reach out for her services can be confident in what she will provide."

Vicki Rainey Combs,
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Working with your Celebrant will be simple. After you choose a Celebrant or your funeral director refers you, the Celebrant will meet with you to discuss the best ways to honor your loved one during the service. Your Celebrant will listen to your stories and weave them into a personalized tribute featurning music, photos, symbols and recollections that were significant to your loved one and your family.

Alongside the professional funeral team you have selected to host your service, your Celebrant can worh within time-honored customs, spiritual beliefs and faith-based traditions, or apply a secular approach in sharing the life story so important to everyone.

With the caring touch of a professional Celebrant, your loved one will be honored with a signature event that will continue to resonate in the hearts of those left behind.